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***** New s2 smart wheel available soon ***** 

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which will become available during may

Smart Wheels S2 Black

Smart Wheels S2 Black



Introducing Concourse Smart Wheels, the world’s first electric powered wheels for Golf that transforms your existing push buggy into a powerhouse that does the pushing for you.  


Smart Wheels are the world’s first, remote-controlled, self-contained drive wheels for your Push Buggy. Inside the hub of each wheel is a sealed powerhouse of advanced technology. 

Coupled with universal connection that suits almost any push buggy, Concourse Smart Wheels deliver all the benefits of a motorised buggy, without the bulk or the price tag that often comes with them 

The Smart Wheels fit onto many of today’s Push Buggies via a Retrofit Axle conversion kit. 

* Please Note stock will be available in May 2020, so place your Pre-Order now to be apart of one of the first to receive your Smart Wheels *


  • Concourse CBM3 Push Buggy

  • ClicGear 3.0 & 3.5+

  • Rovic RV1C & RV1S

  • BagBoy C3 & C3 Swivel

  • Triumph Push Button GTX

  • Walkinshaw Tri Swivel

  • Caddytek 11.5, 15.3, ONE Swivel, EXPLORE

  • E.L.K Push Buggy

  • Bix Max IQ

  • GWX Push Buggy


  • 2 x Smart Wheels

  • 1 x Remote Control

  • 1 x Remote Control Holder

  • 1 x Remote Control with padded pouch 

  • 1 x Battery Charger and Charging Leads.

  • 1 x Wheel Bag

  • 1 x Retrofit Axle Kit

  • Detailed Instructions

  • 1 x CBM3 4th Wheel Kit (included only for Concourse CBM3.)

  • 1 x USB Remote Charging Lead

technical specifications

  • Motors, Batteries and CPU located within each wheel

  • Efficient power delivery to climb steep golf terrain

  • Dual power units for precision steering

  • Complete Wireless Operation

  • Remote Control with Magnetic Dock

  • Cruise Control to maintain speed up and down hills 

  • Will last 18 holes comfortably on all Golf Courses.

  • 3 Hour Recharge

  • Airline travel approval

  • Free wheel mode

  • WiFi updates

  • Patented Ultra Compact design

  • Weight = 4kg per wheel 

additional features

  • 98Wh batteries – complies under the dangerous good limit for airline travel 

  • No messy wires or switches or batteries to deal with

  • Press button wheel release

  • State of the art electronic componentry including sensors, processors, WiFi & Bluetooth

  • Concourse full directional remote-control system 

  • Superior high gloss finish designed to repel dirt and stay cleaner for longer 

  • Wheels charge on or off your buggy or inside the ( optional ) Carry Case 

  • Always stay updated with the latest program downloads

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