Kingcaddy Electric Buggy Reduced to $999 for the month of May!

Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy - Lithium 18 Hole Battery
Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy - Lithium 18 Hole BatteryKingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy - Lithium 18 Hole Battery
*** Reduced this month to only $999 ***

2020 Model now available. Comes with an umbrella holder, boxed seat, sand bucket holder, lithium battery, lead, and charger.

To Pull, or Not to Pull? That is the question.

For those few die-hard men, upgrading to a Kingcaddy powered buggy threatens a loss of manhood. As if pulling themselves uphill and down dale, somehow defines their virility.

The ladies, who lack this manic obsession with pulling, have been quick to embrace the lithium-powered, hi-torque propulsion of the Platinum Pro.

Like a compliant husband, Kingcaddy's cruise speed and distance controls respond without argument. One finger touch on the Australian made controller and it cruises the predetermined distance to the next tee where it will wait patiently for your next drive. For the discerning golfer, the Kingcaddy Platinum Pro puts real spring into your game too.

Australian designed, for our most challenging courses, its independent all-wheel suspension gives the smoothest ride. This makes the new Platinum Pro, super quiet, minimising the rattles and the chafing that will damage your most expensive clubs. The new 2020 model has a list of features bigger than a male ego.

Australian designed and assembled, it comes with a 3 year frame warranty. The Australian designed and made controller comes with a lifetime warranty. And Kingcaddy offer nationwide technical support to our customers. You won't find the Kingcaddy Platinum Pro in any old pro-shop. They usually recommend brands that pay them a fat commission.

Kingcaddy is only available online, so all the savings are passed on to you. Kingcaddy are a proud team of Australian engineers who've been in business for 15 years. Order the new 2020 model Platinum Pro today.

Accessories included are umbrella holder, boxed seat, and sand bucket holder.

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