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Get Golfed Ball Retriever ScoopGet Golfed Ball Retriever ScoopGet Golfed Ball Retriever Scoop

This is made of a stainless steel shaft and ABS handle and scoop, which is a valuable aid for any golfer to retrieve those hard to get balls. Automatic locking design on the scoop can prevent the ball from being dropped on retrieval. With the help of Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever, you can quickly and simply scoop up your ball without any accidents.

Features - Color: as shown in the pictures. - Material: stainless steel (shaft) and hard ABS plastic (handle and scoop). - Size:41cm--200cm - 100% brand new and high quality Telescopic Golf Ball Scoop Retriever. - Telescopic design, for convenient to store and carry it into your bag. - Retrieve you the ball no matter whether it is in a pond, or beyond a boundary fence. - The automatic locking device on the scoop prevents the ball from being dropped on retrieval - Comfortable handle grip for an easy holding.


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