Divot Tool and Ball Marker - TRocket Golf
Divot Tool and Ball Marker - TRocket Golf
Divot Tool and Ball Marker - TRocket Golf
Divot Tool and Ball Marker - TRocket Golf

An important tool in any golfer's arsenal, the Divot Tool & Ball Marker will help you enjoy golfing to the maximum without interruptions.


Multifunctional Design

The 2-in-1 design of this tool allows you to repair divots and mark your ball on the go, operated via an easy switch that locks open and closed for secure use. The ball marker is magnetically attached, with both functions snapping into action at the simple push of a button.


Repair & Mark

The Divot Tool assists in repairing grass on the golf course so you and other golfers on the course can enjoy a smooth run. The Ball Marker marks the position of your golf ball, so others can putt while you retrieve your own ball.


With its lightweight, travel-friendly design, taking this multifunctional tool with you across the green is effortless and truly comes in handy if you're a pro.


  • 2-in-1 design operated via the switch
  • Repair divots and mark your ball
  • Magnetically attached ball marker
  • Snaps into action quickly with the push of a button
  • Lightweight, travel-friendly design
  • Locks open & closed for secure use
  • Cleaner & club rest
  • Part of Stephanie Gibri's 2021 Golf Accessories Pack


      Divot Tool
    Item Name: 
      Golf retractable switch blade divot tool ball markers
      aluminum, stainless steel
      117mm /73mm


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