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CBM3 Concourse Push Buggy

3 wheels, 3-step setup, Push model, 

Fits most Golf Bags

The CBM3 Push Buggy offers a range of unique features plus a streamlined profile that makes for ideal storage and transportation. Operation is simple with a quick setup and pack away. The removable wheels can be stored in the a provided wheel bag when not in use.

** Golf Bag not included


With a lightweight frame, high grade steel bearings and excellent stability, the CBM3 Push Buggy delivers superb on course performance and is designed to attach easily to most golf bags. 


  • Height adjustable handle 

  • Accessory hooks x 4

  • Sand bucket hook

  • Park break 

  • Scorecard holder

  • Wheel bag

  • Umbrella holder mount 

  • Pencil holder 

  • Quick attach and release mechanism


  • Eliminates the need to deal with straps before and after play

  • One lever both attaches and seperates your CBM3 Push Buggy from your golf bag

  • Simple one-click attach andrelease


  • CBM3 Golf Buggy 

  • Wheels x 3  

  • Wheel bag

  • Instruction card


  • Weight – 3.9 kg

  • Wheel Weight – 2.8 kgincluding Wheel bag


  • Length – 800 mm 

  • Width – 265 mm 

  • Depth – 130 mm

Paul, Tatura, Victoria

I was lucky enough to be given a CBM3 as a gift from Christmas time last year. I use the Concourse golf buggy three to four times every week and find that it is extremely compact and easy to set up and take down. I love how little space it takes up in the boot of my car, leaving room for shopping and all my other golf accessories. I would have no hesitation in recommending this golf buggy to any regular golfer. We love this product and have no issues with it.

Megan & Des, Wayville, Adelaide

The Concourse CMB3 is a convenient, easy to use addition to our weekly golf round. It packs away easily in the boot, set-up and pack-up are quicker than raking a bunker and it’s easy to push up and down the hilliest of courses. Great Australian design.

John, WA

I am John from Western Australia and purchasing a Concourse model CBM3 buggy was one of the best buys I have made. It is compact, sturdy and easy to set up and virtually adds no additional size to my golf bag perfect for freeing up boot space and great to use as well.

Mark H

My old bag and buggy were always a hassle getting in and out of the car. Seemed to take forever to get set up and then pack away.Wow what a difference the new CBM 3 combo makes. Firstly, the compact design easily fits into the boot and the light weight material makes lifting in and […] ― David, Samford Valley, QLD

George D

The Concourse Golf buggy is singularly the most innovative golf accessory I have ever used…’s genius is in its simplicity and usability and yes I was the envy of my playing group this morning !!

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