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Keep your grips in top shape.

Receive new grips every 4, 6, or 12 months for only $5 per grip.

You have NO RISK!!!!!!

Note : Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime once 12 months has passed.

Why is an Alien Pros Subscription so Important

TRocket Golf recommends all players apply new overgrips to their clubs every year and more for frequent players. The oils on your hands, sweat, dirt, UV rays, temperature changes and other elements can all contribute to grip wear. Worn grips will become firmer than when you first installed them and lose their original tackiness. These effects can cause increase grip pressure which inhibits the correct wrist release. When your grips lose their tackiness the smallest club slippage can have a great impact on squaring your club face and lead to decrease in performance.

But not all overgrips will require replacing at the same time. Your driver grip may get used more than your 4 iron grip and require replacing more frequently. That is why the subscription delivery period options takes away the hassle of remembering when to get some new grips. TRocket Golf can send you 4 grips, for example, every 4, 6, or 12 months and you choose which of your grips need replacing. Each of these 4 grip deliveries will only cost you $5 per grip plus $7.50 postage.

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sample pack


Get a sample pack of 2 grips delivered each week for 6 weeks. Cancel at any time.

10 Pack


Total Cost : $69.50

13 Pack


Total Cost : $84.50

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