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Strong Anti-Slip Function

Slightly tacky and never slip

Alien Pros G-Tac overgrips are made of flexible, absorbent material with just right amount of friction that makes a slightly tacky grip. Featuring strong anti-slip function, the G-Tac overgrips is the among the most used grips in the market. The hydrophilic coating is what enables G-Tac to have intriguing designs without compromise on functionality.


the technical stuff

Microfibre Cloth
Synthetic fibre finer than one denier or decitex/thread - highly flexible, durable and ventilate 

Fine Polyurethane Resin
Sophisticated polyurethane resin recipe that gives just-right combination of absorbency and tackiness

Anti-Slip Surface
The delicate PU surface also provides just-right amount of friction that delivers anti-slip function

Eco-Friendly Hydrophilic Coating 
The design was integrated into the overgrips with non-toxic, hydrophilic coating


Feel like a new grip in less than 1 minute!

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