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energy saving

The saving grace to many player's game is the electric trolley. Now used by all ages of player it provides the energy saving, easy way to electronically transport your clubs around the course.

Lithium Ion Battery

LITHIUM battery power

When considering an motorised trolley you should look into the lithium battery power, as batteries will cover either 1 or 2 rounds. Check how long the battery lasts on a single charge, what the lifespan is and how quickly can it be re-charged.

Electric Buggy Display Screen

display screen

Given the onboard battery, some electric trolleys also have a lot of bells and whistles on the display screen, some of which are useful and some less so. Battery indicators, time and power level are all good. 

Questions To Consider Before Buying

A Motorised Golf Buggy

How much does it weigh?

You must consider that although it saves you carrying a bag, you still have to steer it around the course, up and down hills and lug it in and out of your car or a locker room. If it is an electric trolley, lead acid batteries can also be quite heavy to lift in and out of the car. However more electric trolleys now come with lithium batteries which are lighter, smaller and charge more quickly.

how do i control the speed?

Not a problem with a Clic-Gear push buggy. Some motorised models just have a basic on/off function with a pre-set level of power. Others have a speed dial that allows for a more progressive level of speed that you can easily control. Some top of the range electric buggies also have a braking system for slowing the trolley when going down hills, which is a recommended if you play a hilly course or the weight of the buggy and bag on slopes is too much for you. There are also some remote controlled buggies on the market that will allow you to send the buggy around the green while you walk over it, but at a healthy price!

will it fit in my car?

Fairly elementary, but you do not want to choose a trolley that will struggle to fit into your car or locker? Most trolleys are designed with the idea that they will be stored in car boots and there are a variety of options for how the trolley folds and comes apart so try before you buy.

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We strongly believe that when making an investment in an electric golf buggy that will carry your bag hundreds of kilometres over several years, the most important factor is quality.

Have you ever bought an appliance only to find out the warranty costs nearly as much as the product? Or maybe you bought a $1,200 phone from a company (we won’t mention any names, but it rhymes with scrapple) who then asks if you want to buy a protection plan?

An electric golf buggy manufacturer who offers a three-year warranty on every part of their motorized golf buggy obviously has confidence in the structural integrity and durability of its parts and components. We suggest reading the fine print of the warranties of these electric golf buggies before you purchase your electric golf buggy. 

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