Golf Buggy Reviews

There are many golf buggy reviews available to read. The following articles refer to reviews of the QOD Electric Golf Buggy.

QOD Electric Golf Buggy Reviews

Kingcaddy Golf Australia Article
Featured in July 2021 Golf Australia Magazine Designed in Australia for local conditions, the Kingcaddy Platinum Proelectric buggy does everything...
Australian made QOD electric golf trolley wins European golf award
Published in October 2013 https://aussiegolfer.com.au/australian-made-electric-golf-cart-wins-european-golf-award The world’s smallest electronic golf trolley launched just over a year ago and now the...
QOD Electric Golf Buggy Review: First impressions
Review published in Australian Senior Golfer in November 2018 by Brian O'Hare, Editor THE QOD Electric Golf Buggy looks a...

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