Best Motorised / Electric Golf Buggies in Australia

Until you get one, you might not know the convenience an electric golf buggy brings. They greatly improve your field experience which can lead to better results. You can substitute pulling energy into your rounds. The best part? There are no lower back pains after playing golf.

However choosing an electric golf buggy can be a very daunting exercise. TRocket Golf has simplified the task by selecting the two best Australian designed buggies on the market. QOD and Kingcaddy are two Australian companies that have been making electric buggies for over 10 years and both companies recognise quality and innovation.


Buying in Australia from Australian companies gives you peace of mind.


2020 Platinum Pro Model now available. 

Comes with an umbrella holder, boxed seat, sand bucket holder, scorecard holder, lithium battery, lead, and charger.

Australian designed and assembled.

the Kingcaddy Platinum Pro 2020 model comes with a 3 year frame warranty. The Australian designed and made controller comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nationwide technical support to their customers. 

You won't find the Kingcaddy Platinum Pro in any old pro-shop. They usually recommend brands that pay them a fat commission.

The Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy is designed in Australia with a unique ALL wheel patented suspension system.

You will breeze around the your golf course effortlessly!

★ Australian designed and made controller with a *Lifetime Warranty*

★ Improved frame design and strength

★ New silent motor drive system

★ New - Dual stem deluxe seat with handy storage capacity

★ Accessories include insulated cooler bag, scorecard holder, drink holder and umbrella holder

★ 18 Hole Lithium Battery and Charger 

★ Free Shipping


Watch the Kingcaddy BuggY in Action

The Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy is designed in Australia with a
unique ALL Wheel Patented Suspension System.

You will breeze around the golf course effortlessly!



key features of the Kingcaddy BuggY

  • Designed in Australia with a unique ALL wheel patented suspension system, you will breeze around the your golf course effortlessly!
  • Features include:
  • Strong lightweight frame
  • 180 watt high-torque motor
  • Cruise control
  • Distance function
  • Removable front wheel
  • National support and service
  • Removable Front wheel allows for super compact folding, ideally for the car or storage both at the club or home.


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