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The Best Motorised / Electric Golf Buggies in Australia

Designed in Australia, the Kingcaddy has a tough but lightweight construction that can handle any terrain. It takes the heavy lifting out of dragging clubs about, so you can focus your energy on improving that swing.

The Kingcaddy offers guaranteed performance at a bargain price. You can enjoy a 2-year frame warranty and lifetime warranty on the Australian designed controller. And, because you buy online, you can bypass the hefty retail margins shops on the ground charge.

Benefits of Using an Electric Golf Buggy

Are you looking to buy an electric golf buggy? Then you are in the right place. TRocket offers some of the best electric golf buggies in Australia. Each electric golf trolley has been tried and tested to ensure it stands up to the required standards. The benefits of using a motorised golf buggy include:

  • It’s practical. An electric golf buggy is for more than storing your clubs. Fill it with drinks, snacks and an extra jacket in case the weather turns sour.

  • It’s safer. Carrying heavy golf clubs puts a huge amount of strain on your back and shoulders. Many medical experts believe an electric golf trolley helps to reduce injury to players. 

  • It enhances your golf game. Studies have actually shown that using a golf buggy helped players to shoot lower scores.

  • It conserves energy. Using an electric buggy to carry clubs, allows you to focus all your strength on each swing.

  • It speeds up your game. Got a busy day? Fit in a round of golf in a shorter amount of time, with an electric golf buggy speeding up the long walks between holes.

QOD Q1 Electric Golf Buggy and DELUXE Accessory Pack

The QOD Q1 Electric Buggy when fitted out with the DELUXE accessory pack has it all!
This deluxe buggy comes with the following QOD golf buggy accessories :-

  • All Terrain Tyres
  • 5th Stabiliser Wheel
  • QOD Seat
  • Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Drink Holder
  • Phone Holder
  • Score Card Holder
  • Storage Pouch
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Sand Bucket Ring

This buggy is great value and is the most popular buggy in the QOD range.
QOD = Quality Of Design and is big where it matters, and small where it counts !
Made in Australia with quality components, the QOD Electric Golf Buggy is built to last and folds smaller than any electric golf buggy in the world !
Having a footprint when folded no larger than an A3 sheet of paper, the QOD fits easily into the smallest car boots and golf club lockers.

The Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy is designed in Australia with a unique ALL wheel patented suspension system.

You will breeze around the your golf course effortlessly!

★ Australian designed and made controller with a *Lifetime Warranty*

★ Improved frame design and strength

★ New silent motor drive system

★ New - Dual stem deluxe seat with handy storage capacity

★ Accessories include insulated cooler bag, scorecard holder, drink holder and umbrella holder

★ 18 Hole Lithium Battery and Charger 

★ Free Shipping

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Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy - TRocket Golf

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NOW ONLY $1399.00 UNTIL March 16TH
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