Best Electric Golf Trolley

Now Available To Smart Australian Golfers.

You’ve just discovered the best electric golf trolley.

This is the most portable, durable and versatile golf trolley on the planet. Our Australian designers and engineers spent seven years researching, designing and refining the QOD to make your game better than ever.

Our simple, reliable trolley makes walking the course easier and more importantly enjoyable.

Walking a golf course is good for your health, good for the course's health and good for the game's health.

Everyone knows that walking is the most fundamental of all exercise programs. Some have argued that golf is not good exercise because of the start-and-stop nature of walking golf.Don't believe it. Walking a golf course is a great part of any exercise program, as has long been proved by numerous scientific studies... not to mention anecdotal evidence and good ol' common sense. 

Walking a golf course is a good thing to do for the sake of the course itself - it saves wear-and-tear and damage to sensitive areas, which creates a better golfing environment.

A walker can use the time spent trodding to his or her ball to think about their next shot and to think about club selection.Walking a course gets you closer to the golf course. That's not some weepy get-close-to-nature sentiment. It's a way to learn more about the courses you play, to gain an appreciation for the nuances of a golf course that just aren't visible from a golf cart.