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The Stinger SG-1 is a strong, easy-folding and lightweight buggy that makes walking the golf course easier than ever. Adjust the ergonomic handles into four different positions, so you’ll be comfortable no matter your height. This slick little buggy boasts a wide, 69cm frame and high-grade ball-bearing wheels for ease in pushing over any terrain, and comes with a list of features so long we had to include a separate heading for it! The Stinger SG-1 is designed to fit any golf bag (including stand bags) and is the epitome of compact, stylish design with peak functionality.


The SG-2 looks as fancy as a sports car and has the driving capacity of a 4WD. It’s a stylish buggy with an advanced design that gives the best in appearance and function.

Its lightweight and compact design don’t compromise on performance, and it’s just as easy to pack and store as it is to walk between holes.

The SG-2 boasts a wide-frame design, multiple handle positions and high grade ball bearing wheels, saving you effort and making your walk around the golf course look like a walk in the park. It even comes with a Cooler Bag!

With plenty of storage for your golfing and personal essentials, this unique buggy comes with all accessories included as standard. It’s also designed to fit any golf bag, including stand bags.


The ultimate performance machine, perfect for navigating every Golf Course. 

The SG- 3 is the panther of the golf course. Its stealthy lightweight frame features a One- Click folding action, making it the fastest folding buggies in the world.

The ultimate buggy for all terrain, this sleek mover features a 360-degree Swivel Front Wheel that can be switched from swivel to straight mode with a simple handle lever.

The SG-3 will fit any golf bag (including stand bags) and folds into a compact storage size that makes it ideal for storage and transport.

It’s hard to believe just how many trimmings can fit into such a compact and lightweight buggy, and all accessories are included as standard. 


The SG-4 is an exclusive and sophisticated buggy featuring a sure-footed four-wheel design. With its wide track frame and deceptively compact size, this top-range buggy will work for you on the fairway or in the rough.

This super-stable buggy comes with a One-Click folding action for extra fast setup and pack- down. Seriously, it only takes a few seconds — faster than a hot shot!

The SG-4 comes with all accessories included as standard and will fit any golf bag (including stand bags). With this compact buggy, there’s little more you’ll need other than a sunny day and a cold drink while you play.


The SG-5 combines style and vogue with everyday convenience. This sturdy, strong buggy comes with twin-locking rear wheels, providing extra security in extreme conditions.

With its lightweight frame, wide track, and high-grade wheel bearings, this powerful buggy can take on the toughest of courses with ease.

The SG-5 is as effortless to push as it is to fold down. Even with its superior storage features, this buggy folds completely flat. It will also fit your favorite golf bag (including stand bags), no matter what design.

It comes with all the extras you can dream of as standard, making this push buggy king of the golf course.


Introducing the amazing new The SG-6 By Stinger Golf Products. As reviewed in December's issue of Inside Golf Magazine.

The SG-6 combines leading push buggy technology with an incredible list of included extras, only matched by its superb on course performance;

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