Time to spruce up the clicgear push buggy

Hi, in my last blog I decided it was time to give the golf cart a rest and take my clicgear push cart out for a run. This is actually more inconvenient than it sounds. Simply put, I just did not know where to put my golf accessories such as gps tracker, drinks, clothing, and most importantly there was nowhere to plant my bottom when I needed a rest!

As soon as I got home I decided to research what accessories were available and I was amazed at the range of clicgear accessories that were around.

There were a couple of standouts / must haves for me ...

1. The cligear GPS holder

Hammer - Time to spruce up the clicgear push buggy

Having my GPS Tracker securely fitted and conveniently located was my number one priority. 



2.What also immediately caught my eye was the clicgear steering knob. Watch the video below to see how it makes steering your cart a breeze,

Clicgear Steering knob


3. I was relieved but not surprised to find that a clicgear seat accessory was available. I will find this handy at the start and end of the round when fitting and removing my golf shoes.

clicgear seat


4. But what I really missed from using a push cart instead of my golf cart was somewhere to securely store valuables such as my phone, wallet etc. Well clicgear also have this covered as well with their clicgear documents bag which attaches conveniently on the side of the buggy. This is certainly on my shopping list as well.

clicgear documents bag

And the list of accessories go on and on with drink bags and cooler bags, umbrellas and umbrella stands, drink and cup holders, sand bottle, and even a mesh bag which can hold my golf shoes in between rounds. For a comprehensive list of the accessories on offer visit my website at www.trocketstore.com

I am sure what you are looking for will be there.

Did I hear you say it would be nice to keep your hands warm on those cool, frosty mornings? Well clicgear have this covered too with their waterproof, windproof mittens.

Clothing - Time to spruce up the clicgear push buggy

Anyhow, as always, keep your head down and swing through.

Until next time ...

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