Time to get the push buggy out

It has been raining heavily lately. Golf carts are banned but that does not stop me from playing golf! It is time to get the push cart out. Not such a bad thing. Yes the course is a bit wet under foot but the sun is still shining above. And a bit of exercise is a good thing ...right!

Here is the Clicgear buggy I own.

So everything goes well except my score but I can blame the wet fairways and greens of course.

But now I get back to my nice clean car and load the buggy in and the wheels from the wet course make an annoying mess in my trunk!

I have now found the perfect accessory for a clicgear buggy. It is perfect for keeping my car boot clean


To purchase this great product simply go to Amazon using the following link

Purchase Clicgear Push Cart wheel cover


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