On your electric golf buggy ... The Open is coming

I'm excited!

It's 4:30am and I am out of bed with the suitcase packed ready to head off to the UK in 5 hours time. The highlight of my trip will be attending the British Open in Carnoustie on July 20th and 21st. It is not only my first trip to the UK but it is also my first visit to a Golf Major. 

This is certainly a big tick off on the bucket list, that is, if I had a bucket list.

If you want to join me just head to The Open website to buy your tickets.

If you are looking for a more extended golfing holiday you may be interested in this blog from Golf Escapes. Some of the golf courses in the UK just look fantastic.

Time to close the laptop and head off to the airport. Talk soon.

PS Of course if you want to look like you are playing in The Open just head to www.trocketgolf.com.au for all the best electric golf buggies for sale in Australia. Its not the same, but it will still make you feel better.



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