Australians buying from Amazon ... goes global!

New laws come into effect from July 1st 2018 regarding Australians purchasing items from overseas based online stores. Basically the online store will need to collect the Australian GST from the sale. 

Amazon reacted strongly to this demand by announcing it would ban Australians from logging in to, instead redirecting them automatically to . Read this article for more details. has not only accepted the situation but has also improved its website to now redirect all requests o view a product on Amazon to the appropriate local Amazon site for the user submitting the request.

In this way any Australians logging in to will be sent to when they request to view an item on Amazon. UK customers will be redirected to etc

To support this globalisation move all prices shown on the website will now be reflected in the user's local currency as opposed to showing the selling price in $USD which is what it has done up to this point

The important thing to take from this blog is that is now fully compliant with users purchasing from Australia because the goods will be delivered from instead of 

You may find the prices in your local Amazon store are more expensive than what the item could have been purchased from in but what must be considered is that the product is now being delivered locally instead of having to use the expensive and drawn out overseas delivery options.

Like we always tell you, keep your head down and swing through. has certainly followed this advice by globilising its website before Amazon introduces its tough new stance on Australian buyers.




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