Golf days for team building in your business

Zoom fatigue is a real thing. With most of us not needing to buy pants for the last year, getting your team out in the fresh air and reconnecting with them on a personal level is a great way to rebuild the energy of your teams for the new year. 

Planning a corporate or company golf day is not only for pro golfers. Building a day where everyone can participate in the beautiful golf game can develop lasting memories and experiences, even for your staff's less sporty.

Hiring a group of golf pros to teach your team a great golf swing on the range or even creating putting competitions on your local mashie course can turn a dull workday into a memorable occasion.

By mixing up your staff to encourage bonding amongst teams, ranks, and experience levels will introduce you to your team in a non-threatening environment. Being on the golf course can be a true leveler, where seniority takes a back seat, and you can get to know your team on a more personal level.

Investing in your team's mental well-being by getting them into nature and developing the team bond is crucial in today's pandemic times. Showing how much you value your team with these lasting bonding experiences can reduce staff turnover, open up communication channels, and even restore bonds that have been tested by remote working.

Continue to build your brand equity with our range of branded golf items for your staff and clients. We have a fantastic range that will ensure your company remains top of mind in the homes and golf bags of your team for years to come.

Customised Product Examples

Add your own logo to these high quality stainless steel hip flasks

Why not use a Poker Chip Golf Ball Marker for your Business Card?

Divot Tools and Ball Markers can be customised with your logo

There are no end of golf accessories that can be customised to advertise your Club, Group, or Brand.

TRocket Golf has a great range of items that you can select for promotional use, either as one-off gifts like a set of Golf Clubs to notable clients or for your golf-linked business.

We have a range of items, including the Poker Chip Ball Marker and Divot Tool and Ball Marker, that are perfect for your company logo. These sought-after golfing accessories will remain in the client's golf bag for a lifetime.

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