Do business golf days build relationships?

Planning a golf day out in the fresh air is a way to mix business and pleasure and benefit your company at the same time.

If you are looking for new ways to network and build relationships with your clients, a corporate golf day is a fantastic option to consider. As many companies have staff working remotely, it is difficult to manage the relationship building done in the boardroom. So planning a golf day out in the fresh air is a way to mix business and pleasure and benefit your company at the same time.

When you spend a few relaxing hours on the golf course with your clients, you build a different type of relationship that is usually far more staid and tense in a corporate environment. You get to know them personally, have deeper conversations, and have interrupted time with them. It is a fantastic way to thank them for their business and continue to build on the relationship.

Spoiling your staff with a golf event creates a valuable bonding opportunity. As many teams have battled with zoom meetings, the relationships have taken strain over the last year. Re-building the team dynamic and a happy team can help you reconnect with them.

As everyone has been hiding behind a mask for the last year, a golf day is a fantastic way to bond face to face in a safe environment.

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