Spin, Spin, Spin

For the average golfer like myself, to put backspin on my chips seems a harder task than finding out the solution to the Freemason's secret handshake!  So you can understand my excitement when I came across a video which clearly explained the art of putting backspin on my iron shots.

Of course correct technique and practice are important but the video also tells me I need to upgrade my wedges and use a good quality soft ball.

Hair Drier - Spin, Spin, SpinGolf - Spin, Spin, SpinCutlery - Spin, Spin, SpinBusiness Card - Spin, Spin, SpinAccessories - Spin, Spin, SpinMedication - Spin, Spin, Spin Bag - Spin, Spin, Spin




But who wants to practice? I think up front I may just upgrade my wedges and who knows, that may just inspire me!.

Don't you just love golf and remember, keep your head down and swing through.

PS if you want to read up more on spinning the here are a few other videos on the subject ...



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