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Which Electric Golf Buggy has the best battery?

Electric Golf Buggy Battery



Your golf trolley is one of the mostsignificant monetary investment you can make to improve the on-courseexperience. You have to make the extra effort to understand the components itcontains. One of those is your buggy battery. With the industry realizationthat lithium batteries are generally better, most manufacturers have opted touse them in their golf buggies. Your trolley’s lithium battery directlycontributes to its price, weight, and size. How much do you know about it?


Get to know about the electric golf buggybattery that you will get with each model you buy from different manufacturers.





MGI is a brand with a solidified its namein the industry by making offerings that meet almost every golf enthusiastneed. Each model has a target it satisfies. When it comes to their batteries,MGI has a wide variety of lithium batteries models to choose from;


MGI lithium 250wh battery

  • 250wh rating
  • Lasts 18 holes
  • Compatible with Zip X3, X1, X5


MGI lithium 380wh battery

  • 380wh rating
  • Lasts 36 holes
  • Compatible with Zip Navigator X3, X1, X5


MGI lithium 24v 13AH battery

  • 24V voltage rating
  • 13AH capacity
  • Lasts 36 holes
  • Compatible with only Navigator G800
  • Comes with complimentary charger


MGI 12V 26AH lithium battery

  • 12V voltage rating
  • 26AH capacity
  • Lasts 36 holes
  • Compatible with MGI Quad range
  • Two-year warranty


MGI lithium 12v 20AH battery

  • 12V voltage rating
  • 20AH capacity
  • Compatible with MGI G, R and Quad Series excluding the coastersand Navigators models.
  • Two-year warranty





PowaKaddy provides lithium batteries madebased on their lithium-ion technology. They claim this technology to be themost advanced in the electric golf buggy industry. One of its features is anadvanced BMS (battery management system) which ensure the batteries lastlonger. When you buy the battery, it comes with a five-year pro rata+ warranty.


Currently, you have two battery options tochoose from. The18 Holes Lithium Plug and Play Battery which is 2 kgs or the2.8 kgs 36 Holes Lithium Plug 'n' Play Battery. You can buy the 18 or 36 holesmodel battery for their FW3 / FW5 / FW7 buggy models. Various stockers sell thecells in Australia





Motocaddy, as a brand, has made activeresearch and development investments to ensure their customers get the bestbatteries. They are the pioneers that led to the adoption of lithium batteriesin electric golf trolleys.


This leadership reflects in theirsuper-light compact Lithium battery options. All the batteries come with anattached charger and have a five-year comprehensive warranty.


For the S Series trolleys, they have twobattery options. The battery;

  • Weighs 2.10kg
  • Lasts 18 holes
  • Has a 12AH capacity


For a battery upgrade on their S Seriestrolleys, you should consider the S Series extended lithium battery. It

  • Weighs 2.7kg
  • Lasts 36 holes
  • 20AH capacity.


Their M series has three different options.First, it's the standard M series 28V lithium battery with a waterproof casing.It

  • Weighs 1.85kg
  • Lasts 18 holes
  • Has an 8.8AH capacity (Standard Range)


The standard 12V M series battery has

  • 2.3 kg of weight
  • 16AH capacity (Standard Range)
  • It lasts 18 holes




The best battery is the M-Series 28VLithium Battery(Extended). It

  • Weighs 2.2kg
  • Lasts 36 holes
  • Has an 11AH capacity (Extended Range)







Parmaker is a brand with a 30-yearexperience in the making of golf buggies. With major selling locations inPerth, Sydney, and Adelaide, the brand has a strong Australian presence. Theyhave a five-year warranty on their products, which shows confidence in theirproducts.


What about the batteries? They provide gelbatteries for all their buggy models, i.e., the ride on and the spirit modelswhich you buy separately. You will have to purchase 12volt or 24-volt batterychargers. They also have an electronic controller that quickly identifies ifyou have a flat battery or a reversed battery connection.





When buying the QOD portable electric golftrolley, you should expect it to come with a lithium-ion battery. It is ratedto last a minimum of 36 holes, and you only need four hours to charge it tofull capacity. QOD pride themselves on making high-quality products designedand manufactured in Australia.


The Mini Miser battery is no exception. Itnestles at the base of the trolley where it connects to a short power cord. Itonly weighs 2.5 kgs. Upon purchase, QOD offers you a two-year comprehensive andthree-year limited warranty on the battery.




King caddy Australia has been in the golftrolley business since 1991. When you buy their flagship, Kingcaddy platinumelectric provides you with a lithium-ion battery customized for golfing. Whenpurchasing the platinum buggy model, you have an option to choose between an 18and a 36- holes lithium-ion battery. However, the lithium-ion battery doesn'tcome with a warranty. The warranty provided only covers your buggy frame,something you have to take into consideration.

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