What To Look For When Choosing An Electric Golf Buggy

Comparing Four Great Electric Buggies on The Australian Market

With so many options available, you may get overwhelmed when you want to buy an electric golf buggy. Each model offers something different, so it is about seeing what features you want and which you don’t.


MARCH 31,2022

“The QOD stands for Quality of Design”

QOD Deluxe 2022 Electric Golf Buggy

The top-of-the-range QOD electric golf buggy is the gold standard you can spoil yourself with. The technology is evident in the design and materials used in the manufacture of the cart. The QOD stands for Quality of Design. It folds to be the smallest of all the electric golf buggies in the world. So if you are stretched for space, this is the model for you.

The features are numerous. It comes with All-Terrain Wheels for those challenging courses and off-the-beaten-track times when you need to off-road a bit on the course. It also comes with a 5th Wheel stabiliser and QOD Seat. Overall the QOD Buggy is big where it matters and small where it counts.

There is a lithium battery, a battery charger, and a phone charger station, so you are never out of touch. The storage areas include a Drinks holder, scorecard holder, phone holder, storage pouch, sand bucket ring, and umbrella holder.

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QOD Deluxe 2022 Electric Golf Buggy - TRocket Golf

“It is the most sought-after electric golf buggy in Australia”

Kingcaddy Platinum Pro Electric Golf Buggy

Designed in Australia, the Kingcaddy comes with a unique All-wheel patented suspension.

The controller is designed and made in Australia and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The all-new and improved frame design is stronger than ever, and you will breeze around the golf course with minimal effort. The frame also comes with a 2 Year Frame Warranty.

It comes with a new silent motor drive system, a Dual stem deluxe seat, and additional storage capacity. The lithium battery is long-lasting too.

The Kingcaddy includes an insulated cooler bag for your drinks and refreshments on the course and a score cardholder.

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Kingcaddy Electric Golf Buggy - TRocket Golf

“it is hard to pass up the Swing Caddy for value and performance.”

Swing Caddy Remote Control Electric Golf Buggy

The cool factor definitely plays a role in this Electric Golf Buggy. It is a remote-controlled Electric Buggy that is both compact and lightweight.

It has the most expansive track in its class for added stability.

It is made to be robust, lightweight, and easy to use. It is powered by a 10AH lithium battery that weighs just over two and a half kilograms yet has the power to maintain an 18 hole golf course with ease.

The easy-to-use fold-down process will ensure that it fits in most boot sizes and is compact enough to be convenient to carry around. The total weight of the cart, including the battery, is 15.2kg.

If you are looking for an electric golf buggy that can be operated via a remote it is hard to pass up the Swing Caddy for value and performance.

“the most reliable Electric Golf Buggy around.”

Hillbilly Electric Golf Buggy

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use Electric Golf Buggy, this is the guy for you.

It is known as the most reliable Electric Golf Buggy around, as it inherits the best aspects from most of the Electric Buggy models.

It has a widescreen display, so it is so easy to use. The lithium battery is powerful yet the thinnest on the market. It comes with a 2-year warranty. The 200-watt motor will ease you up and down those hilly courses. The motor is super quiet on the course and is simply plug-and-play.

The wheels come with a low-profile chassis and quick release system. They are simple and easy to use. If you want simplicity and reliability, look beyond the Hillbilly Electric Golf Buggy.

The additional features include the Hillbilly umbrella holder, a sand bucket ring, and all charging equipment.

It folds down easily to fit in your car boot and weighs just 10kg all in.

So now that you can see the added features of each Electric Golf Buggy, the only question is which one to choose. If you are still unsure, check out all four of the above buggies at https://trocketgolf.com.au/pages/electric-golf-buggy

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