Should I take a walk?

Is walking an integral part of golf?

We strongly believe that every golfer should be walking on a golf course. Riding golf carts is the most common mode of transport, especially for the weekend golfers. 

However, you should try using your legs for several health benefits. Walking is the most fun way to play golf. 

improve your golf and fitness

There is no doubt that walking is a fundamental way of exercising.Therefore, it makes sense that walking while playing golf will be good for your health. This information is supported by various scientific studies. Among other studies, it has been found that walking a golf course can be equated to 40% to 70% of aerobic workout. Assuming 18 holes have been played. Cardiologists experts have suggested that walking golfers reduce levels of cholesterol. Additionally, another research showed that walking 4 hours a golf course is same as 45 minutes of fitness.

Should I take a walk?

Walking - The Wonder Drug

To achieve maximum health benefits you need more exercise. It has also been proved that people who suffer from back problems, recover much faster while walking golf course. You should consider walking while playing golf.

Should I take a walk?

what a great idea!

Walking in a golf course without heavy bags will increase your energy level and enhance the cardiovascular system. These cannot be compared to golfers who use an electric cart. Medical research has proven that walking while playing golf reduces high blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and lowers cholesterol. Therefore, walking a golf course might be a great idea. 

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