QOD Electric Golf Buggy Features

the qod STORY

The company was founded by Collin Hiss, an avid golfer himself, and after a highly successful corporate career saw a need for better electric golf buggies.

When the QOD Golf Buggy won the Golf Europe Product Award 2013 Mr Hiss said “This win is a testament to our team’s skills and continued commitment to deliver the world’s most efficient compact electronic golf buggy with the aim of making every golfer’s life easier.”. 

The QOD mission is to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality electric golf products to help golfers.

QOD Features

  • Digital display with variable speed control

  • 3 option distance control

  • USB support for a GPS or mobile device

  • Whisper-quiet 180-watt motor

  • 25-to-1 gear reducer ensures constant speed up hills

  • Strong, long lasting Nylon wheels

  • Traditional flotation rubber tyres
  • Fixed wheel option ensures set speed maintained down inclines
  • Battery lasts up to ten times longer than a standard golf battery
  • 75% lighter and 1/3 the size of a standard lead acid golf buggy battery
  • Fully charges from empty in under four hours

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