In Scotland everyone walks the course

An interesting comment on 16/5/2020 by one of the readers in

Stephen, from Scotland wrote ...

Here in Scotland most people have an electric trolley. Mine is a Motocaddy S5 which cost me £550.00 and has a Lithium battery. It has a bluetooth connection to my phone for GPS. Hardly anyone rides a buggy. The pro only has 3 for hire. A couple of the guys with mobility problems have their own buggies but most of us have electric trolleys. The advantages are 1. Exercise - you walk 18 holes. 2. You don't have to set-down and pick-up a heavy bag at every shot. 3. It propels itself up hills - you don't need to push. 4. Weight - you can carry waterproofs, sweaters, anything you need. The trolley does the work. Never understood why they are so rare in other countries.

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