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Australian Made Electric Golf Buggies

 brands that have left australia

best brands still available in australia

Despite the Increasing costs of manufacturing electric golf buggies in Australia, two Australian owned companies continue to manufacture their buggies in Australia.

 --> Kingcaddy Platinum Pro Electric Golf Buggy
--> QOD Electric Golf Buggy

The shift in taking Australian electric golf buggy manufacturing offshore is largely due to the need to be globally competitive. Trying to compete with overseas electric golf buggy brands on price and quality has become increasingly important.

Read on .... You make up your own mind 

Compare the frames of an Overseas manufactured buggy 

versus the Australian Made Kingcaddy Electric Buggy

Let's compare Price

The above two buggies are both priced under $1000.

Let's compare Warranty

The overseas buggy carries a two year warranty.

The Kingcaddy Platinum Pro carries a three year warranty.

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