Is Bamboo Really More Eco-friendly vs Plastic

Bamboo Versus Plastic…
Is Bamboo Really More Eco-Friendly

Plastic waste. It is everywhere. Our throw-away approach to plastic is causing us huge problems. With many alternatives now around, let’s consider bamboo. And ask ourselves, “bamboo versus plastic – is bamboo an eco-friendly alternative?”.

Plastic is a Global Problem

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Plastic is a useful material because of its many advantageous properties. It is cheap to produce, adaptable, durable and versatile. All reasons for plastic’s popularity. 

And plastic has had a dramatic impact on our lives. For decades it was a material we took for granted. We threw it away, we produced more and we used more. From its ubiquity and many valued uses through to the resulting mass of the stuff now floating in the world’s Oceans, we have lived through many years full of plastic. 

It is also impossible to avoid it as it is almost everywhere. From smartphones to cars and food packaging, our reliance on this durable and functional material has led to 348 million tonnes of the stuff being produced every year. 

Yet, each year, 8 million metric tons of the plastic we produce plastic finds its way into the Ocean. And masses of plastic waste is washing up on beaches, with 60-80% of marine waste consisting of plastic. Once in our landfills or Oceans plastic can take thousands of years to decompose. 

This effectively damages the natural food chain. As a result, almost 700 species in the ocean are affected by plastic. Marine life is suffering from our lack of care and ignorance. 

As a result, we are now looking for alternatives to plastic. People are switching to reusable containers and even super-markets are actively moving to reduce plastic packaging waste. 

Thus, for a cleaner planet, we simply cannot keep adding to the plastic waste that travels the world via our oceans. So, in our search for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, natural materials such as bamboo may well be part of the answer.

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