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HomeCourse Golf ProScreen 180
Retractable Simulator


True Pendulum Motion as used by Dustin Johnson



Thinking of Upgrading to an Electric Golf Buggy?



Business and Golf
The Perfect Combination

Golf can be an extremely effective networking tool and a golf course is a great place to get to know someone.

Forming a relationship, even a business relationship, takes time. Loyalty goes a long way so starting and maintaining trust and communication with potential clients or partners is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success. Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on first impressions but you can rarely establish a foundation with someone in just one meeting, especially if it is a brief introduction at some sort of corporate event.

*** Do you want to reduce your handicap? ***

These products may be what you have been looking for!

Alien Pros Golf Overgrips

The hassle of regripping yours clubs is over

Shaft Skinz

Make your clubs look sensational

Trident Align - The World's First Adjustable Ball Marker 

*** Want to look good and feel good on the Course? ***

These products may help!

Men's Golf Shoes

High Quality Shoes at Discount Prices

Women's Golf Shoes

All shoes are priced UNDER $100



Laser Rangefinder just $114.95!!

Slope On/Off and Vibration on Flag Pole Locking

From only $128

Mileseey RangefinderS

*** Great Golf Accessories  ***

*** Accessories you can customise  ***

The Best Prices on Launch Monitors and GPS Watches you will find IN 2021

  • Swing Caddie SC300 launch monitor

  • RAPSODO MOBILE launch monitor

  • Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS launch monitor

  • Voice Caddie G1 Hybrid Golf GPS Watch


***   N E W   C O L L E C T I O N S   ***


The importance of putting cannot be overemphasized. 

Acknowledging that touring professionals play, practice and work on their games pretty much day in and day out, and realizing the complexity of the full swing and the general lack of control over the outcome of longer shots, do you think that your best chance of lowering your score, given the amount of time you have to practice, is with the long game or with the short game? 

Since the best players in the world can only manage a two-thirds success rate at hitting the greens the answer is fairly clear. Your best chance of lowering your score lies with the short game, beginning with putting in particular.

There is good news about focusing on your putting and short game: skill development and the reward of lower scores can happen much more quickly than with the full swing and the long game. And once you combine putting with chipping, and then pitching, and then greenside bunker play and the rest of the short game, the effect on your score should be substantial.

*** Head Covers for Woods, Irons, & Putters ***

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